ISSN 1983-2214 [online]

ISSN 1415-2827 [print]

São Paulo, Brazil

The Journal

Strombus is the Brazilian journal of malacology. It is published by Conquiliologistas do Brasil (Conchologists of Brazil) and embraces all aspects of malacological research.

The journal publishes peer-reviewed research articles and notes. Since 2019, Strombus is an exclusively electronic journal. It is fully open-access and its content, unless otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). Each author is responsible for the scientific basis of their articles and views expressed therein. The authors’ views do not necessarily represent those of the editors or of Conquiliologistas do Brasil.

Strombus is indexed in:

Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA), Citefactor, OAJI, ProQuest, Qualis, Scopus,
Ulrich’s Periodical Directory, Web of Science, Zoological Record.

Our History

The Conquiliologistas do Brasil was created in 1989, in São Paulo, Brazil. It is an association with the main goals of gathering people interested in mollusks and promoting awareness of and interest in these animals.

Almost a decade later, the Conquiliologistas saw the need for a dedicated peer-reviewed malacological journal in Brazil – a niche that by then was entirely empty. As such, they established Strombus in 1998. Its aim was to publish original research about the diverse molluscan fauna in Brazil, but its scope has greatly expanded since; the journal is now dedicated to all biogeographic regions of the planet.

Strombus acquired an electronic version in 2008. In 2019, following the trend of many other journals, it finally became an online-only publication.

Given the non-profit volunteer nature of the journal, it has had irregular publication dates. Below you can find the find the exact dates when each volume and issue was published.

Vol 1: 01-Mar-1998. Vol 2: 01-Jun-1998. Vol 3: 01-Sep-1998. Vol 4: 01-Mar-1999. Vol 5: 01-Jun-1999. Vol 6: 01-Mar-2000. Vol 7: 01-Jun-2000. Vol 8: 01-Mar-2001. Vol 9: 05-Apr-2003. Vol 10: 04-Oct-2003. Vol 11: 11-Feb-2004. Vol 12: 07-Oct-2005. Vol 12 (suppl. 1): 20-Dec-2005. Vol 13 (1): 30-Jul-2006. Vol 13 (2): 27-Dec-2006. Vol 14 (1-2): 28-Dec-2007. Vol 15 (1): 31-Jul-2008. Vol 15 (2): 28-Dec-2008. Vol 16 (1-2): 28-Dec-2009. Vol 17 (1-2): 30-Dec-2010. Vol 18 (1-2): 29-Dec-2011. Vol 19 (1-2): 10-Nov-2012. Vol 20 (1-2): 31-Dec-2013. Vol 21 (1-2): 31-Dec-2014. Vol 22 (1-2): 31-Dec-2015. Vol 23 (1-2): 31-Dec-2016. Vol 24 (1-2): 01-Jul-2018. Vol 25 (1-2): 02-Nov-2019. Vol 26 (1-2): 04-Oct-2020.